About Footwise

It is amazing to think what our body have helped us to achieve over the years, whether it's a weekend hiking through the bushes, or riding the perfect waves out in Piha, or simply getting us through a day at work. There is no denying that our body grant us the freedom of mobility in our daily lives.

Here at Footwise, we make sure you receive the highest quality care your body needs to continue your journey so you can have more memorable experiences. We listen and value your requests, and our wide range of services are provided to you without the need of referral. Our clinics are well equipped with the latest equipment and technology to provide effective care for all podiatry related conditions. We also ensure that our clinicians are continuously improving their professional knowledge, and that they are informed of the latest techniques to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.


So look no further, give us a call today and let FootWise help taking you places!