About Footwise

It is amazing to think what our body have helped us to achieve over the years, whether it be a weekend hike through the bush, riding the perfect wave out in Piha or simply getting us through a day at work. There is no denying that our body grant us the freedom of mobility in our daily lives.

Here at Footwise, we make sure you receive the care your body needs to continue your journey and create more memorable experiences. We believe that Footwise is responsible for indirectly taking you places. Our Podiatrists and our collaborators provide a wide range of the highest quality care for you so look no further! We like to listen and communicate with our patients to create a specially suited management plan which is achievable and worthwhile for you, our valued client! Our services are provided to you without the need of referrals and our practitioners are all ACC providers. Following the latest trends in the medical field is important and our team does this by providing laser nail treatments and Clearanail for fungal nails as well as Shockwave therapy and electromagnetic spectrum lamp (TDP Lamp) for rehabing acute and chronic conditions. We also ensure that our Clinicians are trained with the latest techniques.



“I found FootWise incredibly professional and friendly.I feel a million times better! Keep up the great work!”


“Very thorough and gentle with their services and treatment. Well worth the visit!


“I received marvelous service and treatment from FootWise, highly recommended!


Just had my second visit to FootWise today. A great professional experience!

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