General Podiatry

Known as the foundations of podiatry, general podiatric care covers a vast scope of assessments and managements of various conditions of the feet. Regular check-ups and maintenance of the feet goes a long way to keeping them healthy to prevent potential issues from developing and improve their appearance. FootWise podiatrists will thoroughly assess your foot conditions and work with you to develop the best management plan possible. We will follow up with you to provide the guidance and support you need to keep your feet healthy.

At FootWise, we provide management options for:

  • Irregular nail growth 

  • Corns(Hard and soft) and callus reduction

  • Ingrown toe nails

  • Fungal skin and nail infection (Tinea & Onychomycosis

  • Clawed and hammer toes

  • Dry and cracked heels

  • Bunions

We also offer assessments to manage and monitor the following:

  • Lower limb circulation assessment 

  • Neurological testing

  • Diabetic screening

  • Balance assessment


Sports and Biomechanical Podiatry

During activities, our lower limbs carry a significant amount of load, which well-exceeds our body weight. Though our body has the ability to recover, loading imbalances in our structures can at times exceed our body’s recovering ability. When this happens, wear and tear in our tissues and joints takes place, leading to conditions that can affect our mobility. At FootWise, our podiatrists carry out thorough examinations to ensure that the source of your symptoms are found and an accurate diagnosis is given. FootWise has a wide network of allied health professionals and specialists that we collaborate with. This ensures we are able to approach your symptoms with a holistic approach. FootWise is all about making things work for you. Our team will always develop treatment plans according to your lifestyle, goals and needs to ensure your treatment plan is tailored and achievable. We also lodge and manage ACC claims with consistent follow ups to ensure the quickest recovery possible and prevent the formation of chronic conditions and repetitive injuries.

Some biomechanical conditions FootWise treat are:
Ankle sprains, Plantar fascial heel and arch pain, Achilles’ tendonitis, Shin splints, patellofemoral pain, sesamoiditis, neuroma, Avulsion fractures, stress fractures 

Orthotic Therapy 

Like the foundation of a house, our feet serve as the foundation to our body. Due to the variety of our body structures, modern footwear is unable to offer the different kinds of support our foot needs. Our feet are also evolved to walk on softer terrains unlike the hard and often concrete surfaces we walk on. Because of this, FootWise is dedicated to provide one of the best Orthotics Therapy and bracing so your feet, ankles and knees get the exact type of support they need to both heal your conditions as well as prevent them. Orthotics work by correcting and redistributing the load your foot experiences during weight bearing to restore natural and balanced loading to your foot and body to keep you moving forward comfortably and pain free! FootWise also offers ACC funded orthotics to compliment your injury rehabilitation. 


Antifungal and Clear a nail treatment Packages


FootWise is known for our antifungal management programs. Our Antifungal program produces high consistency in positive results as it is tailored to your skin type and your lifestyle so that we can help you remove and prevent fungal infections once in for all. 

One of the key ways to produce consistent results is with our Clear a nail controlled Micro-Penetration equipment. Fungal nail management works to enhance the effect of Nail lacquer which is known to produce slow or results due to low penetration into the nail bed, incorrect usage and inconsistency in application. Clear a nail equipment does this by producing multiple micro holes of 0.4mm in diameter so that the nail lacquer will be delivered in higher dosage (upto 4 times higher than conventional application) with the nail bed where the infection is. 

A Maximum of two sessions is required and results are usually visible within 8 weeks.


General nail Antifungal treatment $325: 4 consultations with nail treatment, 4 laser nail sessions including complimentary antifungal cream and nail lacquer.


Clear a nail Antifungal treatment $550:  5 consultations with nail treatment, 5 laser nail sessions including complimentary antifungal cream and nail lacquer upto 2 sessions of Clear a nail treatments.

Ingrown nail surgeries:

Ingrown toenail describes the deeply curved nail at the sides of the toe, which creates a groove and often penetrates the skin on the side of the toe. If the ingrowing becomes long enough or traumatised from activity, an inflammation may occur which could lead to possible infection. Ingrown toenails are often recurring due to the reorientation of the nail matrix. Routine nail care by trimming back of the side edge can prevent inflammation from happening. When routine nail care cannot sufficiently prevent the frequency of inflammation, whether it is from sports activities or work factors, the nail could be managed by a removal of the offending section of the nail. The surgical procedure will help to prevent the side of the nail from growing back permanently by attempting to eradicate the matrix cells residing at the side edge so the nail grows straight on, not sideways.


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