With each visit we aim to:

>  Relief your pain

>  restoring range of motion

>  increasing strength and endurance

>  repair injured area

>  prevention of recurrence


Some of the common measures we use on a daily basis to ensure pain relief, reduce hypersensitivity and restoring movement and function are:


>  Soft tissue massage and techniques

>  Muscle balance training

>  Proprioception training

>  Spinal and joint mobilisation 

>  Sports strapping and tapping

>  Specialist training programmes

>  Shockwave therapy


Our exercising program uses movement patterns and activities to improve and restore posture, muscle balance, getting you into your best possible function.

If you happen to hold any referral letter(s) from various health professionals such as GPs, Orthopaedic specialists or radiography scans such as MRI, ultrasounds or X-rays, please bring them to your visit with us!

Physiotherapy with us will be aimed at restoring your physical function and ability, as well as preventing injuries or overuse problems which we also encourage people to consult us about. Our services are provided in the best quality possible by our highly trained practitioner who understands and is committed to getting you back into action!  Through integrating interprofessional practice into daily practice, our approach is holistic, realistic and tailored to your needs and requirements. We understand that injuries can not only cause physical pain but can significantly impact one’s quality of life, especially with conditions that are longer lasting. These conditions will limit your Hauora and the activities you enjoy.

Our friendly physiotherapists will make sure that you can return back to the activities you enjoy while helping you to have an understanding of your injury as well as working with you to offer a tailored and realistic solution to promote healing and improve your biomechanics. Our rehabilitation programmes are not only easy to follow and progress within your capabilities but also targets your goals while lowering the risk of reoccurrence.


Our physiotherapists have the experiences to provide effective rehabilitation to all age groups from children to older adults. We are used to treating a variety of cases whether acute, chronic or post-operatively with various complexities. A thorough assessment of your injury/condition allows us to give you a full diagnosis as well as finding any underlying contributing factors away from the site of condition which can be indirectly relate to the injury.

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