Ingrown toenail describes the deeply curved nail at
the sides of the toe, which creates a groove and often penetrates the skin on the side of the toe. If the ingrowing nail becomes long enough or traumatised from activity, an inflammation may occur which could lead to possible infection. Ingrown toenails are reoccurring and often cause chronic pain to the 
patient. Sometimes frequent nail care by trimming back of the side edge can prevent inflammation from happening. When routine nail care cannot sufficiently prevent the cause of the inflammation, whether it is from sports activities or work factors, the patient would be better managed by a removal of the offending section of the nail. Ingrown toenail surgery is one of the most common procedures that podiatrists do to correct an ingrown nail problem. The surgical procedure will prevent the side from growing back permanently by eradicating the growth cells residing at the side edge to ensure
the nail grows straight on, not sideways.

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