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Ingrown Toenails
Ingrown toenails is another common nail condition which arises from nail matrix changes. An ingrown toenail, also known as onychocryptosis, is a nail that grows into the flesh or sulcus, on the side of the nail. Ingrown toenails are very painful and result in inflammation of the surrounding tissues. If left untreated an ingrown toenail can lead to infection. In-grown toenails is often associated with inappropriate cutting, previous trauma or a history of fungal nails. 
Ingrown toenail treatment at our FootWise clinic is aimed at treating the cause of the ingrown nail. This involves careful removal of the nail spike by a podiatrist. Treatment is usually simple and effective if treated early. Chronic or long-standing ingrown toenails may require nail surgery.
If you think you have an ingrown toenail it is vital that you seek early treatment with one of our podiatrists. If left untreated an ingrown toenail can lead to infection and this can in turn progress to a more serious underlying bone infection. FootWise team are specially trained to effectively remove offending nail edges and prevent further infection. Permanent nail re-shaping surgery is also offered at FootWise. 

Ingrown nail

Ingrown Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenail describes the deeply curved nail at the sides of the toe, which creates a groove and often penetrates the skin on the side of the toe. If the ingrowing becomes long enough or traumatised from activity, an inflammation may occur which could lead to possible infection. Ingrown toenails are often recurring due to the reorientation of the nail matrix. Routine nail care by removing side growing nails can prevent inflammation from happening. When routine nail care cannot sufficiently prevent the frequency of inflammation, whether from sports activities or work factors, the ingrowing nail could be managed by a surgical removal of the offending section. The surgical procedure will help to prevent the side of the nail from growing back permanently by eradicating the matrix cells residing at the side edge of the nail.


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