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Our small team of caring clinicians are highly trained and passionate about what they do best: helping people getting back to do what they love!! Whether it be a stroll through the park or riding the waves of Piha. Our team is highly trained and we are here to listen to your needs and requests to ensure that our services are specifically tailored towards you. We are continuously learning and work alongside other health professionals to ensure that our service incorporates the latest and the greatest. This is how we are able to achieve the best results for our clients on a daily basis.


DIRECTOR > Podiatrist

Michael developed a strong interest for podiatry after experiencing and watching his friends coping with lower limb injuries from badminton and football whilst studying a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy at The University of Otago. This led him to make the jump into this rapidly growing health profession. Through sporting activities and his four years of volunteering experiences at a rest home and retirement village, Michael thoroughly understands how important the well-being of our lower limbs can impact on our quality of life, as they provide us with the daily freedom of mobility. 
Clinically, Michael has a holistic approach when treating conditions. He favours a variety of treatment methods and works alongside the patient to develop a thorough and tailored plan of treatment to suit each patient’s lifestyle. Michael always strives to make sure that your visit is worthwhile. 
Michael has an extensive knowledge of footwear from working for a specialised footwear retailer, matching different types of feet to various types of shoes to prevent any impending injuries or easing a current one. 
Michael is a talented Latin dancer with two national titles and enjoys his time on the dance floor as well as teaching others. Michael has also played badminton semi-competitively and understands the physical demands and injuries that comes with the sport.


Sana gained an interest in podiatry through always having a passion for the medical field from a very young age. After she came across some incidents in her life where podiatric input was required, podiatry sparked Sana’s interest. 

Since then, Sana is passionate in making a difference in the lives of people and enabling them to move about pain-free with the care she provides.


Sana believes that this career is highly rewarding, and she believes it is necessary to educate others about the importance of your feet. Sana believes that even though we often forget them in our daily activities, we should always treat our feet right as they are an essential part of our body.


Sana has a special interest in treating and managing patients with high-risk diabetic feet. Sana also enjoys treating and managing a variety of different conditions under the scope of podiatry. At Footwise clinic, Sana will ensure your visit is beneficial for you by providing the best care possible, alongside a management plan that is best suitable for you. 


Outside of podiatry, Sana enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as travelling. She is also currently planning on pursuing her career further in podiatry by undergoing additional studies. 


“Having good feet and good health, will be beneficial in the long run”




Jisoo is a keen podiatrist who enjoys the variety which the field of podiatry offers. Born in South Korea and completing most of her education in New Zealand and graduating from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry. Jisoo is very well cultured and fluent in both English and Korean.  

Jisoo first encountered Podiatry when her family members required podiatric care, from which she began to develop an interest in the profession. Jisoo’s motivation and passion for podiatry comes from the ability to help people to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. From her own experience seeing the life quality of her family members improve, Jisoo strongly believes that it is very important for people to look after their foot and ankle, which is often neglected until conditions becomes serious.

In her spare time, Jisoo also enjoys playing badminton and has been doing so for many years. Besides badminton, she is also a keen runner and enjoys going to the gym to keep fit.