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At Footwise we focus on implementing efficient treatment methods and post-care routines to help our patients achieve a speedy recovery, so that they can return to perform their normal physical activities and enjoy life experiences again.

We're committed to deliver excellence at FootWise, and our wide range of services are provided to you without the need for referral from GPs. We're a registered ACC Provider and WINZ Supplier, we are also a Southern Cross Easy-claim Provider and a HealthNow Provider. This allows us to assist the wider community and ensures our services are accessible for more people who require podiatry care. 

Our clinics are well resourced with the latest equipment and technology to provide effective care for all podiatry related conditions. We also ensure that our clinicians are continuously improving their professional knowledge, and that they are informed of the latest techniques to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.


So look no further, give us a call today and let FootWise help taking you places!

Michael Cui - Principal Podiatrist

Michael developed a strong interest in podiatry after witnessing his friends coping with lower limb injuries from badminton and football when he was studying Bachelor of Science in Anatomy at The University of Otago. This led him to make the jump into this rapidly growing health profession.

Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience in foot, ankle and lower extremity conditions, and he is specialised in ingrown toenail surgeries, premium orthotic prescription, aged care and children’s foot health and development.

Michael is passionate about delivering excellence in clinical podiatry to the community, as well as utilising his skills to provide best care for Rest Home and Retirement Village residents. Michael uses a holistic approach when treating conditions, he works alongside the patients to develop a thorough and tailored treatment and rehabilitation plan that suits each patient's needs and lifestyle.


Shayal Chand - Podiatrist

Shayal is passionate about podiatry and her interest was sparked through attending her grandmother’s podiatry appointments. Born and breed in New Zealand, Shayal has completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry from AUT. She is fluent both in English and Hindi and has a deep-rooted connection with the Island nation of Fiji. 

Shayal is practically interested in the High-Risk foot but enjoys practising in all areas of Podiatry. She is experienced in footwear and believes in the importance of education to help improve the quality of life for her patient’s. Shayal believes the best treatment plan is developed through the trust and rapport with patients. 

Alongside Podiatry, Shayal has been a keen swimmer for more than a decade, continues to swim as one of her leisure activities. Growing up in the Pacific community Shayal fell in love with dancing and exploring new dance styles. 
A wise man once said, “be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” 

Ruvashni Govender - Podiatrist

Ruvashni graduated from the Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Podiatry in 2021. Her passion for podiatry is rooted in her belief that fully functional and pain free feet are essential for optimal daily functioning. She is passionate about her job and finds it deeply rewarding to enhance a patient’s quality of life by addressing their lower limb needs. 

She enjoys all aspects of podiatry and has a strong interest in biomechanical, paediatric podiatry, in addition to orthotic therapy. Her practice principal is to identify the cause of the patient’s problem instead of simply treating the current pain. This results in successful treatment outcomes in the short and long term. 

In her spare time, you will find Ruvashni on the squash court, and exploring new hiking trails with her dog. Her South African heritage gives her the ability to appreciate and understand the diverse cultures and backgrounds her patients have to offer.


Abdul Choudhry - Podiatrist

I have graduated from AUT with a Bachelors of health Science in Podiatry. My interest for podiatry started in my final years of High-school where I had learnt about it and found it very interesting. I have always wanted to work in the health field as it is a way for me to make an impact on people lives. 
Growing up I have played many sports with my main interest being in cricket. That’s is where I became specifically interested in MSK and biomechanics as well as other parts of podiatry. Whilst I was born and raised in New Zealand my parents are from Pakistan. I have the ability to understand and speak Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi with a deep connection to my cultural heritage and values 
I’ve always believed in treating all my patients to the best of my abilities and do what I can to improve their lives in any way possible. 
Outside of podiatry, I am an automotive photographer and enjoy working on vehicles. I also play cricket socially and enjoy Urdu poetry as well as painting and Art history 

Kazim Lateef - Podiatrist

Kazim has always had a passion for helping others which led him to studying Health Sciences at university. He has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry from AUT in 2021 and is eager to start making an impact in the community.

Kazim's interest in Podiatry sparked early in his youth through participation through soccer and Olympic Weightlifting. The importance of proper foot function and the impact of activity specific footwear was made clear through his sporting endeavours. This led to Kazim’s three year experience in professional footwear fitting. Kazim is particularly interested in lower limb

biomechanics/orthotics and is dedicated to patient orientated care to help them achieve the best results possible. Kazim is patient and wants to ensure the needs of the client are heard and addressed with treatment catered to the individual


Kazim was born in England and moved to New Zealand in 2004. Apart from English, Kazim also speaks Hindi. In his spare time he enjoys going on long walks, reading and staying active with recreational sport. 


Daisy Zuo - Operations Manager

Prior to her current role at FootWise Podiatry Clinic, Daisy served in Education sector with 10+ years of experience in Management and Leadership. In her role as Operations Manager, Daisy oversees Clinic day-to-day operations, sales, staff performance, staff training and marketing efforts.

Daisy believes foot health Is fundamental for overall health and happiness, and she is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. Daisy ensures patients’ individual and cultural needs are respected and responded to accordingly at FootWise. Daisy values professional learning and development, and ensures all FootWise staff are provided with a wide range of resources for their continuing professional development to make sure all our patients receive the best care and treatment. 

Daisy has a Master's degree in Management and Leadership as well as a degree in Health Sciences (Diet and Nutrition Advisory). Daisy recognises the importance to improve our health for the benefit of our body, and she is passionate about promoting and raising awareness of the importance of podiatry within our community. 


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