Our small team of professional Podiatrists provide a wide range of high quality care for your Legs and Feet. We cater to conditions such as heel pain, foot & ankle sprains, pulled Achilles, knee pain and ingrown toe nails.


We like to listen and communicate with our clients to create a tailored management plan that is achievable and worthwhile for you. 

Our services are provided to you without the need of referrals and our practitioners are all ACC accredited providers. Being up-to-date in the medical field is important and we do this by providing Laser nail treatment and Clearanail for fungal nails. We also specialise in the use of Orthotics to treat a variety of issues including plantar fasciitis and flat foot induced pains.


We ensure that our practitioners are well trained with the latest techniques to treat any problems you present us!



Telehealth ACC consults avaliable!

Due to the change of COVID-19 Lockdown to level 3, we are beginning telehealth consults in teh comfort of your home. Please book through our contact page as usual. 

See what our clients say about us!


“I found FootWise incredibly professional and friendly.
I feel a million times better! Keep up the great work!”


I see Michael at this place, rehabbed a longterm injury on my ankle and knee. Best I've had these last few years. Highly recommended.

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